Design for the Future

Realize the value of generative design for manufacturing.

Addiform’s generative design services afford your team the ability to explore optimized part geometries specifically tailored to your application’s needs. Whether by coordinating with your own in-house engineering team, or utilizing our network of engineering experts, Addiform can create an accurate digital model of your application from which to generate part geometry.

How it works:

A generative designer inputs a minimal set of engineering criteria into an algorithm trained by machine-learning in order to automatically synthesize geometry. The end result is a highly-optimized, often organic in appearance, manufacture-ready CAD model that is geometrically optimized for the given load cases.

Some of the inputs used to synthesize geometry:

  • Areas to preserve
    Bosses, mounting locations, etc.
  • Regions to avoid
    Other components, user-access requirements, etc.
  • Material type and properties
    Yield/Tensile Strength, Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, etc.
  • Manufacturing method
    2, 3, or 5 axis CNC milling, additive manufacturing, etc.

Save money and increase efficiency with highly-optimized, lightweight parts synthesized by generative design.

Addiform offers a quick, easy, introductory “one-and-done” generative design service for clients who already have a deep understanding of the engineering of their problem.

We also offer in-depth, full-service packages that can more deeply analyze the application from the beginning, uncovering the root of the engineering problem at hand, as well as discovering multiple novel solutions.

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